The technique can be applied with a very didactic manner. First you need to identify the problem or emotion unbalanced. From there it should be to create an "avocado" following the filing guidelines.

The guidelines are very objective and, as the user advances in completing, all necessary instructions appear in thought bubbles contained in the application. It is extremely important that all avocados are met. It is interesting that you read many times your avocado. This process helps that the initially "gray" thought, become a "green" and healthy thought. But pay attention, if you are filling out one of the six stages in the gray avocado, don't stop the exercise. Go to the next green avocado stage and finish your thought.

A very important feature is the "examples" that are part of the application. They are complete "avocados" exemplifying various topics such as anxiety, depression, grief, unable to quit smoking, guilt, difficulty in practicing physical activity, among others. Users can edit the examples according to their feelings and reality, facilitating the use of the technique for those who are not very familiar with the technique or simply want help. Edited examples become part of "my avocados", but the examples in its original format will always remain intact.

The coping cards must be related to the avocados. The cards are true and positive affirmations to be used when you have to deal with negative and unhealthy emotions, thoughts and behaviors. The cards can be accessed directly when the user is in a situation in which there is not enough time to reread the six stages of the "avocados", but reading those cards can help to focus on healthy thinking. The statements are important when you have to deal with a difficult situation.

"Feel better" is also a great tool to stimulate healthy thinking and behavior. In this part of the app the user will make two separate lists, one for self-esteem (personal qualities), and another one for self-confidence (progress). By realizing your own progress and healthy behavior, the improvement becomes natural. The lists must be permanently improved and reread.