"I am very pleased to know that Dr. Lia Kunzler's work is being developed in a virtual platform. I sought Dr. Lia after going through extreme personal suffering and after making holistic psychotherapy for 14 years, without checking advances clearly. I confess that I had initial difficulties with the approach of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. However, I could count on the sensitivity, patience and greatness of Dr. Kunzler. I’m going to give an example of a situation where my anger was ignited due to people doing something they shouldn’t. I was, just for few minutes, in a social gathering, the TV was playing a tv show.  Within seconds, my mood changed because several typical derogatory "jokes" started. I considered to leave the place, and just go home. However, I finally reflected, and decided to stay and not pay attention to all those horrible "jokes.". After all, I cannot control people's minds and comments. However, I can ponder and conduct myself in an elegant way in any situation. I try to always "count to 10 seconds," given that I am a very impulsive person. I am eternally grateful for Dr. Lia and her technique. I am grateful by all the new and valuable knowledge she gave me, for her support at all times when I needed, and for all her affection. Thank you, Dr. Lia!"  (E.B.C.)

"The avocado cognitive technique assisted me on three levels: first, in understanding my emotions, thoughts and feelings, through the reflection on my disfunctional beliefs.Then, in identifying the dysfunctional emotions, and the conscious transformation of the gray avocado to the green avocado. Finally, in putting into practice the cognitive techniques and reflection through the coping cards. " (C.T.O.)

"Excellent professional and an awesome human, Dr. Lia created the technique "Think Healthy and Feel the Difference." For me, the technique is a demonstration of how Dr. Lia is really concerned about the welfare of their patients. Its use has helped me to decrease anxiety and increase balance healthy thoughts. The gray and green avocados have helped me to  better identify emotions, recognize beliefs, see what is the reality, and deal with problems in more positive ways. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to meet and work with this great professional! " (I. C.)

"The avocado technique has helped me a lot to deal with anxiety. Its use requires a lot of patience to deal with negative thoughts and to balance healthier thoughts. At first, it looked like I was trying to lie to myself, always trying to have alternative and positive thoughts. However, over time, having positive thoughts became my reality. I feel that I have learned how to deal better with the challenges that arise." (B. C.)

"Since I have started to use the Avocados technique, my quality of life improved significantly. Avocados help me rephrase thoughts that normally would make me sad, thus helping me to deal with problems in a more rational, constructive and positive way." (C.O.M.)

"For some people, focusing on the benefits of the green avocado (healthy) is essential when pursuing a goal. However, I realized that, for me, what helps me the most when pursuing my goals is to remember the disadvantages of having a gray avocado (unhealthy). When remembering the disadvantages of the gray avocado, I soon return to invest in the green avocado. " (S.C)